Mr Kenneth Royston Argyle

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Fahr Beyond

What is Fahr's Disease?

Fahr's Disease is a rare, genetically inherited neurological disorder characterised by calcium deposits in areas of the brain that control movement.


It is important to note that Fahr's Syndrome is similar to Fahr's Disease but usually is not attributable to a single cause and it is more likely to be due to environmental factors (eg. toxicity or trauma). To complicate matters Fahr's is also known by over 30 other names, such as Primary Familial Basal Ganglia Calcification.

Messages of condolence

Roy, we'll all miss you so much. Thank you for taking care of mum, making us all laugh and for not being too serious, ever! Your courage and strength in battling your illness, and protecting those around you at the same time, was remarkable. Enjoy your time with mum now, give her a big hug and fire up the BBQ again! David, Gail, Charlie, Joel & Holly xxx

Mr David Ellis

Thank you for looking after nanny and thank you for taking me in as your own granddaughter. Life will not be the same without you. Love you forever Roy. Shannon xx

Miss Shannon Aiken