Mr Aaron Saltmarsh

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Herts Mind Network Ltd

We deliver essential mental health support in Hertfordshire, providing a diverse range of services from our seven Wellbeing Centres and other venues across all ten districts of the county. Funded locally, our services are available to all residents in Hertfordshire over the age of 18 and we offer dedicated services for 10-18 year olds.

We create opportunities for individuals experiencing mental ill health to make choices, find their solutions, build resilience and manage their whole life and wellbeing. Our services are based on the principle of self-help with a strong emphasis on prevention, personal development, self-management and improving health and wellbeing. 

We provide opportunities for individuals to access support to enable them to recover from or live with mental ill health.

Registered Number 1112487

Enterprise East Group CIC

Our Work and the Community

Enterprise East CIC was set up by its founder with the overriding ambition of offering individuals facing challenges and barriers to work, the opportunity to build confidence and self-belief through some exceptional learning experiences within their community. This is particularly the case for people with complex lives or additional support needs such as, disability, mental health, refugees, addiction, care leavers, ex-offenders, veterans, single parents and people who are homeless.

We bring together our participants with local community residents, supporting organisations and employers, to plan and deliver an event that celebrates, life’s experiences, variances and the community they share. We have found that there is a natural built-in mentoring that happens with mixed generations and we encourage this throughout our workshops, making the most of the knowledge and skills that already exist in communities. There is also the opportunity for participants to showcase their learning to the local employers, their families and friends.

All of our community programmes are designed to benefit the broader community, encourage a greater understanding and empathy for each other and can also shift perceptions. All events are designed to act as a springboard for future local events, which in turn creates better opportunities for further community cohesion.

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Church Service

24 May, 2022 14:00

St Mary's

Church End, Great Dunmow, CM6 2AE