Dr Edward Connell

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The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Through our own work and by supporting others Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust cares for the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales and helps everyone to appreciate and enjoy this special place.

Landscapes, habitats and heritage

The Yorkshire Dales is one of the most spectacular and distinctive landscapes in England. We’re here to make sure it stays that way. We work to conserve and restore habitats and the wildlife they support - like the rare, wildflower-rich hay meadows, wetlands, and native broadleaf woodlands. We also help to protect the unique natural and built features of the Dales landscape – from limestone caves to hay barns and dry-stone walls.   

Inspiring and supporting young people

The future of our work depends on engaging and inspiring young people to care about the Yorkshire Dales and giving them the skills to look after it in future. We do this through a wide range of events and educational activities and through our Rural Apprenticeship scheme. 


Everything that we do in the Yorkshire Dales is in partnership with local people and supports a sustainable rural economy. We prefer to work in an enabling way, providing funding and support to help people deliver their own projects that benefit the area and their communities. Read about our current grant giving schemes here:

Access for all

We love the Yorkshire Dales and we want others to love it too. So we work hard to make sure everyone, from diverse backgrounds, can experience, enjoy and understand this special landscape. In this way we hope to inspire them to value and help look after it in future.   

Registered Number 1061687


Messages of condolence

For Grandpa, in memory of all the wonderful places you introduced us to in the Dales.

Dr John Birkett