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Supporting Dalit Children

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Sponsoring Children
Supporting Dalit Children is a totally voluntary charity. Our primary aim is to raise funds for Dalit and other impoverished children, to be educated at two schools in India with whom we have direct links. Loyola Xavier school and Loyola Kapepaladi school receive no Government funding and only enrol pupils who are the "poorest of the poor".

Helping to fund educational projects such as the building of primary schools in remote villages
We have supported the building of a new village primary school - Loyola Kapepaladi school in Pannur, for children living in remote and backward villages. Currently, at the age of 14, children at Loyola Kapepaladi school will transfer to Loyola Xavier school.

Helping to fund social projects that benefit Dalit children and their families
We aim to fund the building and equipping of tailoring schools that give opportunities specifically to under-educated teenage girls and young Dalit women. These young women can embark on a year's apprenticeship to learn the skill of tailoring, and with this new skill, they will achieve greater financial independence through the ability to work from home, leading to greater respect from the men in their community. We are also funding the materials needed to build water purification plants for villages that don't have access to a clean drinking water supply.

Informing others about the Dalits
We believe the Dalits' plight is little known about in the UK considering they number 1 in 6 of India's population - approximately 250 million. For centuries they have been down-trodden and oppressed and denied even the basic human rights.

Therefore, the last but equally important aim of Supporting Dalit Children is to inform others about the realities of life for the Dalit people in the 21st century. To date we have spoken to primary and secondary schools, Scouting groups, W.I. groups and churches and written articles for parish magazines and local newspapers. We have found there to be great interest in how both Loyola Xavier and Loyola Kapepaladi schools, are transforming their student's lives and future prospects, alongside how directly possible it is to help. Both children and adults are appalled to hear about the prejudices and oppression the Dalits are still suffering.

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In memory of Ann's boundless generosity and enthusiasm

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