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Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is a genetic condition that damages peripheral nerves. These nerves are responsible for passing on commands from the brain to the muscles (motor nerves) and for passing information to the brain about sensations, such as pain, heat, cold, touch, importantly for balance – where your joints are in space (sensory nerves). When these are damaged, people are said to have a neuropathy.

Because of this nerve damage, people with CMT may find that some of their muscles become slowly weaker over the years, particularly in their feet and hands. Some find that feeling becomes duller, or numb, in the same areas.

In the UK, around 25,000 people are thought to have CMT, making it the most common inherited neurological condition.

Other key points about CMT are that the condition:

- is hardly ever life-threatening, but often becomes slowly worse over the years
- comes in many forms, some of which are much more severe than others
- can affect people very differently, even in the same family
- can cause the muscles in the foot, lower leg, hand and forearm to become wasted and weak
- can cause foot drop gait, foot bone abnormalities (e.g. high arches and hammer toes), problems with hand function, balance problems, occasional lower leg and forearm muscle cramping, and loss of some normal reflexes
- may cause long-term pain and tiredness (fatigue)
- can be passed on from parent to child: the precise way it is passed on to subsequent generations depends on the genes involved
- affects all ethnic groups throughout the world
- is the focus of much research, bringing us close to answering the CMT enigma.

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Messages of condolence

Lovely Luke, you were such a special friend and I was lucky to know you. I’ll miss you so much. Lots of love forever, Lynn, Chris and Callum xx

Mrs Lynn Maddison

It was a privilege to know Luke. He was a lovely young man with a gentleness about him and a good sense of humour. He will be missed by all.

Mr & Mrs Sharon and Jim Mutter

Bacon sandwiches, tea and toast, burnt circles in the grass. These are treasured memories of you Luke, a treasured friend with a heart of gold. You will be forever in our thoughts. Mary and Martin ztwigg

Mr Martin Twigg

Many happy family memories of earlier years, and with Luke's passing, he has ensured that we will continue to make memories in the future.

Mr & Mrs Jan & Roger Goodland

I will be forever grateful to have had you in my life Luke. Your passing has left a tremendous hole but the memories will live on always. Katherine xxx

Miss Katherine Twigg

We miss you dearly Luke, but will remember all those happy times and your wonderful laugh will always be with us. All out love, Caroline, Tim, Charles and Lily xx

Mrs Caroline Middleton

Heartfelt condolences to Penny, Pete and Family

Mr & Mrs Terry & Sally Sullivan

My gorgeous Prince, we will love and miss you forever. It’s been an absolute honour being your friend. All our love always, Taryn & James XXXXXX

Mrs Taryn Ahlberg

My dear Luke, I have so many fond memories of you that I will cherish forever. You were a great friend to me and an amazing confidant. My only regret is that I never saw you more or got to have you as my friend for longer. Rest in eternal peace. Love you x

Miss Hailey Cooke

So many fond memories of dear Luke from a very young boy when we were neighbours that I will cherish always. Such a kind,caring loving person who was loved by so many. A more gentle person you couldn’t wish to meet and I feel privileged to have known him. My thoughts and love are with his wonderful family.

Mrs Susie Shawyer

Darling Luke. I will cherish our childhood memory’s growing up. You are so sadly missed. Rest in peace. Forever in our hearts. Sarah and family Xxxx

Mrs Sarah Broad

We are both missing you and feel blessed to have known such a gentle, kind man. Rest in peace dear Luke. Frank & Angie xxx

Mr & Mrs Frank & Angie Page

Such a generous, loving beautiful soul who will be truly missed but never forgotten x

Mr & Mrs Matthew & Keeley Collett

Remembering Luke and the joy he brought through his kindness and compassion. With love from Alison and Steve xxxx

Mrs Alison Smith

Service details

Celebration of a Life

13 March, 2024 12:00

Parndon Wood Crematorium

Parndon Wood Road, Harlow, CM19 4SF