Mrs Joyce Louisa Carrette

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Joyce was a lifelong supporter of animal welfare. This was particularly true for Cats!.


Several cats supported and enriched Joyce’s life. As a child she looked after a cat called Ginger, who in addition to providing Joyce with much fun, was known for his main claim to fame - stealing the kippers that the next-door neighbour's had planned for their tea, but had also invitingly left on a window sill near an open window, which proved to be too much temptation for Ginger!


Much later in life – Mogg, a tabby arrived to live with Joyce. Mogg had been abandoned by people who had moved away and left him. After a tentative start, grew in confidence to become a lap cat, as well of course a full member of the family. When following an accident, he had to have his tail removed, Joyce took time off from her job at the library to give him the best care, nursing him back to full health. She used annual leave to start later and finish earlier each day to ensure that Mogg had plenty of support to eat and groom himself and she was proud to do this. He rewarded her with yet more cuddles and love, until several years later when his illness meant that tragically she had to let him go.


Following Mogg’s departure, Joyce was reluctant to ‘get’ another cat, feeling that she would like one to ‘come to her’. Years later in 2006, Felix (a tuxedo cat) arrived in Joyce’s garden one day. Like Mogg, Felix had been abandoned by people who had moved away and left him. He was being fed nearby along with a large group of other cats – but as soon as he met Joyce – his mind was made up. He new that Joyce’s was the home, for him! Felix was very vocal in his opinions and in general. It became a standing joke that this was due in no small part to the fact that by the time Felix arrived, Joyce was retired and able to spend much more time with him, including conversing which led to his extensive ‘vocab’! Felix was an adventurous cat getting into many scrapes and there was never a dull moment. He was also a well-known member of our family and gave Joyce many years of love and support.


Finally, Joyce briefly looked after Wynton, another local stray. Although nervous he did come to live at the house briefly, and would occasionally permit a brief stroke or two. Sadly his illness meant that he was not with Joyce for long, but she was very fond of him.


Donations are welcomed in Joyce’s memory and that of all the cats who gave her so much pleasure and support through her life.

Charity details

Cats Protection

Cats Protection, formerly The Cat Protection League, is a UK charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray, unwanted or homeless cats and educating people about cats and cat welfare.

Registered Number 203644

Messages of condolence

In memory of the wonderful Joyce x

Ms Anna Bosch

Joyce was a wonderful lady and a lovely friend/colleague.

Mrs Judith Jacobs

Remembering Joyce who was a work colleague & friend. A lovely lady who will be sadly missed.

Mrs Diana Barber

Joyce was a warm, generous, wonderful friend and colleague, much missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Mrs Linda Perham

Donating with fond memories of Joyce.

Mrs Julie Cottrell