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Full Circle

Iris Chuchla

 They all decided to leave London in 1930 and bought two houses next door to each other, one for Win and Ernest and Iris and for the parents in a leafy suburb – Highams Park.

Win’s treadle sewing machine was converted to electricity.

They were happy in their new environment until World War II broke out in September 1939. It seemed to Win like déjà vu. Now her two children, Iris, thirteen years old and Tony, six and a half, were sent away. They were evacuated with Iris’s school to save them from Nazi Germany’s bombing. Iris wrote a letter home from Bedford for her bicycle. Win rode the bicycle to Eversholt in Bedford, in spite of all the road signs having been removed in case of invasion. But that is a separate story.

At the Christmas break the children came home to Highams Park and didn’t want to go away again, so they all stayed together with their Grandparents living next door and sleeping in their garden Anderson Shelters when the bombing started. European countries were cruelly occupied by Hilter’s Germany and Britain stood alone.

After the attack on Pearl Harbour, America, at last, entered the war and a plan for the invasion of Europe was worked out. On 6th June 1944 an armada of ships crossed the English Channel for the beaches of Normandy, they towed their own harbours in sections (code named Mulberry) and engineers (sappers) assembled two of them. They were essential to the success of the operation. With great loss of life, the invasion succeeded and one by one, the European countries were freed from Nazi Germany’s heartless tyranny. The European War ended finally in 1945.

Europe was carved up between the Allies, the Russian zone included East Germany, Poland and countries to the East. Now a new terrible tyranny in the form of communism was to enslave the people of these countries for 45 years. It was defeated by peaceful revolution.

Win’s parents died, her father, Tom, first. Elizabeth, her mother, lived for many more years with Win caring for her devotedly until the end.


Iris’s parents died, first her father then her mother, Win. Iris had moved away with her family and in 2005 happened to see a Singer treadle sewing machine in a charity shop in Bishop’s Stortford. She bought it to remind her of her much loved and incomparable mother, Win. 


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St Clare West Essex Hospice Care Trust

The work of St Clare is about helping those affected by life-limiting illnesses to have the best quality of life.

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